Something Special

Attacks of Oppurtunity + Facing will be changed

Characters still provoke when leaving adjacent squares.
Characters now have a three front faces and one rear face. If a character has his rear square pointed at someone the attacker in that square has combat advantage against the victim who shows him their back.

I’d like it noted that Large and larger size creatures are VERY DANGEROUS
Material DR Provided Attacker Size to Bypass DR
Nonmagical armor

This is covered elsewhere1.

DR/magic Large

Magical armor1.

1 DR/adamantine Huge
Adamantine armor 1. DR/— Gargantuan

Alternate Topic

I’m going to look into the Arcanis initiative mechanic. It looks pretty interesting. Where there’s a 12 tick clock & different actions take different amounts of time to perform & follow through. Quick dagger cuts take a lot less time than a heavy sword slash.



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