Something Special



Armor as Damage Reduction Link 1
Defense – Touch AC
HP – Vigor Points
WP – Wound Points

A successful “hit” may not even hurt a character with enough armor.

!!The HP in this game interacts with AC in an important way in this campaign!!

When a player’s Defense is hit the character is allowed to reduce the damage taken following the rules in Link1 . The resulting damage is applied to a PCs vigor points; Link2
The Vigor points represent your stamina; how long you can fight for. People don’t really hurt you in Something Special. They tire you out during combat.
Your Wound Points represent when you get physically hurt. A super swordsman can die just as easily as an old king or as a small animal from getting stabbed in the throat. The difference in vigor points means that the sword’s man can defend himself longer in combat than the rabbit or the old man.
When you spend a healing surge you regain 1/4 of your Max HP and 1 WP. You regain all your healing surges during an extended rest, all of your HP and WP equal to 1/2 your level. You must then spend surges to regain WP; this represents your natural healing abilities.
Ignore the section in Link2 Wound Points and Constitution Damage, Drain, and Penalties I am changing how it works to Max WP = Con Score. 0 WP = Wound Threshold. -1/2 WP = Character Death.

A successful “hit” forces the victim to exert themselves physically to defend themselves.

Vigor-(Dmg-DR) = HP
= Max HP = Fresh
> 1/2 Max HP = Up/Fine
< 1/2 Max HP = Winded
< 1/5 Max HP = Fatigued
= 0 HP = Passed out
< Max WP = Wounded
< 1/2 Max WP = Bloodied
< 1/5 Max WP = Seriously Injured

Essentially these fights tire you out until the point you can’t properly defend yourself. In other words you fight through your HP & then are too tired to fend off people from mugging you.

Another important feature of this campaign is what the eyes of characters that have passed out look like.
This section subject to change without notice
White eyes = 0 HP & Max WP & >0 Healing Surges
Dark eyes = 0 HP & < Max WP & >0 Healing Surges
Black eyes = 0 HP & > 0 WP & 0 Healing Surges
No eyes = 0 HP & < 0 WP & 0 Healing Surges
This section subject to change without notice
Any character can rouse another character that is passed out and has healing surges left. This allows the passed out character to spend a healing surge & gain all the benefits thereof. A character regains consciousness when



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